Datascape provides companies performing data mining and modeling, with a competitive advantage. Lockheed Martin has been reaping the benefits of using Datascape technology throughout its organizations, solving complex problems while saving time and money. These are some of the benefits that you can expect from using Datascape.

Improved Understanding and Insight

Datascape provides powerful visualization options to improve interpretation and promote communication.

Datascape's dynamic visualizations include a 3D surface view that provides you with an intuitive representation of your model. Data points can be displayed in conjunction with the model to enhance your interpretation. Other tools such as 2D plotting allow you to document specific behavior.
Statistical metrics provide feedback on the quality of the fit, while input ranking factors give you greater insight into which variables have the most impact on your model. Outlying data points are listed and can be visualized to help explore why they do not fit the trend of the rest of the data.

No a-priori Knowledge Required
Functional representations are derived from data without requiring a-priori knowledge or assumptions about the form of the solution. This is ideal for applications in areas where even experts would be making wild guesses as a starting point for model development.

Reduced Modeling Time
Datascape's powerful capabilities allow you to create better models in a shorter period of time.

On one project, Datascape technology reduced the modeling time required from, 135 days to 2 days, with statistical results that were six times more accurate than the original model.

Reduced Test and Deployment Time
Datascape combines mathematical and numerical techniques, representing models with a set of coefficients and a single all-purpose reconstruction algorithm. The models can be updated by replacing the coefficients rather than the entire program.

The ability to update a model that is in service, without changing the algorithm, substantially reduces the life cycle cost of maintaining that model. This feature alone has already saved the US Air Force millions in weapon system upgrades.

Improved Model Execution Performance
Datascape's deterministic reconstruction algorithm is extremely computationally efficient, yielding dramatic speed advantages over other methods. An onboard simulation for a weapon model, based on table interpolation, was replaced with Datascape technology. The new system required only 5% of the processing power originally required, freeing 95% of the processor for other tasks.

Reduced Embedded Software Footprint

Datascape's unique representation yields tremendous data compression opportunities. For example, consider the storage required for a ten dimensional table with data for ten intervals in each dimension.

Storage Required
Standard Interpolation Requires 10 Billion numbers.
Datascape Requires less than 1200 numbers.

Flexible Deployment Options

Datascape models can be incorporated into other systems through the Datascape Application Programming Interface or Datascape API. Typical applications include:
    • Standalone Applications
    • Link with Existing Systems
    • Embedded Systems
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